Truck Bedliners

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Truck Bedliners

Truck Bedliners | Tough Line Spray on Bed Liners - Boise, ID

You didn’t buy your truck to keep it pretty; you bought it to work for you, and that means you are constantly loading and unloading all kinds of sharp, heavy, or bulky tools and supplies from the back end. Truck bedliners are an affordable way to protect the bed of your truck from the dents, scratches, and scrapes that occur from normal wear and tear.

There are a lot of bedliners on the market these days, and it is enough to confuse you. Tough Line Spray on Bed Liners of Boise, ID recommends that you look into a spray bedliner to protect your truck bed from the abuse you heap upon it. We proudly feature only Gardit spray on truck bedliners for quality, coverage, and performance.

Truck bedliners protect your truck bed from getting damaged by your cargo. From drywall to plywood and metal to concrete, our tough truck bedliners guard against the things you carry better than any powder coat or paint application ever could. The amazing elasticity of the Gardit truck bedliners, applied as a thick spray on material, means it will never crack or chip. Our polyurethane coating technology is so strong that it carries a lifetime warranty against corrosion, impact, or chemical damage.

Don’t depreciate the value of your truck because you don’t have the tough protection of our high-tech spray on truck bedliners. Because we use a spray on product, we can line the bed of any truck, no matter the color, year, make, or model. Even if the bed of your truck is highly customized, we can still spray on thick truck bedliners that guard for a lifetime. Give your truck bed the protection it deserves. Get it one of our truck bedliners.

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